Episode 7 - Lore Runner

July 18, 2017

Sorry for the late upload, Brae fed the tech goblin after midnight which he knows full-well you shouldn't do.

As promised, this episode is all about the hobby we all know and love and the fluff that brings it to glorios life for us all!

In the news we discuss our thoughts on what the upcoming starter sets could be, what we might expect of the new Path to Glory book and our thoughts on why Monsters are on the Sigmar front page on the GW store.
Elsewhere we talk about conversions and Brae has something wicked cool in mind for you all, so keep an ear out for that (and an eye too he says).
Lastly Sven discusses some lore to do with the Realmgate wars and is keen to start a "book club" of sorts with you all, beginning with Gate of Azyr. You can read along with us as we'll be going in depth on it in a months time!

We're still looking for another person to fill out our Triumph Table Triumvirate. If you're on our facebook page, you'll know this was announced shortly after our last ep went live. If you'd love to join a couple rad dudes from the Melbourne suburbs give us a holler on our facebook page!


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