Episode 5 - Triumph Tables Day Off

June 5, 2017

Brand new ep for y'all!
Sven and Brae sit down to discuss Blood Bowl and the new Skirmish game as well as discuss their thoughts on how their Blood Bowl teams work, even though they've only played a handful of times between them,

A short episode this time around, but be sure to tune in for the next ep, there's going to be more fun stuff then!


Minisode 01 - TNN; Breaking News

May 28, 2017

This just in!

Outside the large battles raging through the mortal realms, small skirmishes take place hidden in the shadows. These small fights are between small warbands from the grand alliances, only a handful of warriors but carnage enough to make mortals run from their nearby homes.

Sven and Brae check out the new Skirmish game released on Saturday in this minisode and they couldn't be happier (well, maybe Sven could) with how it went!

Shout out to the fellas at Sustained Fire, who are a UK based cast and are finding their way same as us! Be sure to check out their cast guys if you're into all things tabletop wargames!


Episode 4 - Super T.O. Bros.

May 22, 2017

Got some cool, gnarly, things for you guys this ep!

We talk about the new bloodbowl stuff available AND the new Skirmish game that is now up for pre-order.
*note: Brae misenterpreted the "star players for every team" part of the new Blood Bowl season rules, there is not rules in there for ALL other teams, just 3 and the Star Players*

Brae calls up a fellow podcaster from the Mortally Wounded Podcast and chats with them about their upcoming narrative event - Sydney Slaughter! Brae gets excited over the custom missions that they've made.

Lastly, but most crucially awesome, the guys reveal their final recurring segment - Realm Fighter, where they duke it out in mortal c(k)ombat with two well known Heroes. Who will win? Best wait to the end to find out dudes and dudettes!

What was that event Sven was trying to recall? It's a Sigmar tournament going down in Bendigo (vic, Australia) at Measured Gaming on August 26th. There's no event page for it, but they do have their player pack up. If you're in Vic (or anywhere else for that matter) why not go check it out?

Sydney Slaughter


Episode 3 - Tournament Vice

May 8, 2017

EDIT - Due to feedback we have reuploaded the file at a higher volume.

Welcome back you mad crucial people!

We've got a new ep for you right now, with a new segment to boot!
This time around, we discuss that skirmish game Games Workshop has teased us with, check out some pretty nice fluff for one of the boxed sets, discuss our thoughts on running events & the hurdles we faced during, and finally ending on a requested piece by a listener:
Sven's upcoming event Ardfists is using an interesting format and our listener Peter wanted to know the purpose behind the format.

Do you have some questions for us? or maybe would like us to check out a certain thing from Sigmar? Let us know, we'd love to know what you want!

Brae wants to know if you'd be keen on content from the boxed games for Sigmar (or Blood Bowl) being covered in the cast as well!

Again, you've floored us with your feedback! We love hearing from you, if you have something you'd like to say please don't be afraid tpo let us know.

Cacth you all in 2 weeks time for more Triumph Table!


Episode 2 - Saved by the Blood

April 24, 2017

We're back!

This time around we discuss the upcoming Kharadron Overlords (out now at the time posting), wade shin deep into the tides of blood made from the Blades of Khorne and discuss some crazy ideas for a narrative army.

This episode is more ordered and has a new format to it, we present to you a few of our recurring segments: The Triumph News Network (TNN), More than Meets the Eye, and Tomes & Talismans.

You know who's totally rad? You are! Thanks so much for checking out our pilot ep and giving us some awesome feedback, we aim to keep making interesting and exciting epiosdes for you!

Have an event you'd like advertised? Send us the details and we'll happily plug it for you!

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Sydney Slaughter presented by the Mortally Wounded podcast
The Grand Alliance

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Pilot- Old World Nonsense

April 10, 2017

Welcome to our first episode in our brand new podcast series.
Brae and Sven introduce themselves and discuss their background, what they're about and some of the leaked goods for the upcoming Khorne release for Age of Sigmar.

Make sure you stay tuned for future eps, as they will be up every fortnight!

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