Episode 15 - Terrain Spotting

November 7, 2017

Lovely hobby ep for you all!

After quickly discussing the news (including Shadespire and the new darkoath chieftain model) we recap our PAX experience. What a weekend!
Following that our friend at District : Terra, Duane Wood, talks to us about why he loves working on terrain so much and his process for building such amazing tabletop features!
Be sure to check out all his stuff on facebook!

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Episode 14 - The PAX Files

October 24, 2017

It's crunch time!

This episode, as well as discussing the usual:
Josh goes in depth with Shadespire and the teams initial thoughts on the new game.
Brae and Sven discuss the Triumph Tables' upcoming PAX Australia display.
The boys get set to have another battle with Realm Fighter. But there's just one catch.

Thanks for listening!
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Episode 13 - Enter the Hobbyist

October 10, 2017

WOO! another wicked EP!

We've got a sweet ep for you all.
We discuss what we know about Shadespire along with an interesting rule laid out in a Warhammer-Community article.
Brae goes mental about the new Paint App and what it can do.
Sven brings in a new segment where we discuss YOUR questions and queries in a forum like manner that fits in all our episode styles!
If you have a question or want to discuss something, let us know! Whether it's on facebook, twitter, via emaiol or even on podbean we want to know what is bugging you!

Make sure to come back now on TUESDAYS (AEST) which is when we'll be uploading the new epiosdes from now on.


Episode 12 - It’s Good to Have Terrain

September 26, 2017

We asked you guys what you wanted ot hear about and you answered!
In this ep we have our standard fare; catch-up and the news. We bring back More than Meets the Eye to answer one of the questions we received.
To cap everything off, we bring in our latest challenger for Realm Fighter. We think you all know who got voted in!

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Episode 11 - Path to Triumph

September 11, 2017

Another cool ep for you all!

This week, Sven, Josh and Brae chat about the humble beginnings (and maybe humble destruction) of their warbands for their path to glory campaign; A Tale of Triumph.
Some new things have come out in the last fortnight and the fellas breeze through that content very quickly.
Conversion Corner is back, Sven and Brae discuss weathering and their tips on how to achieve some nicely aged/scratched/dusted/muddy looking models.

Also, the boys are going to be at PAX AUS in Melbourne this year, so be sure to swing by and say hi if you're in the area.


Episode 10 - Generals’ Handbook Club

August 28, 2017

Howdy Y'all!

We're back with another bodacious episode for you! We'll give you 3 guesses as to what we're going to be talking about!

That's right, it's the new Generals' Handbook that got released this weekend! (Note, we recorded prior to realising that there were FAQ's released already)
We got a short news segment this time as well so we can focus more on the goodness of the new book.
Realm Fighter is also back, this time we may have someone who can dethrone the champ in quick order so be sure to check it out.

Come back next ep for the first installment of our Tale of Triumph narrative campaign.


Episode 9 - New Kid on the Cast

August 14, 2017

This ep we bring you some cool news from the mortal realms as well as a couple new items:

Sven has made a narrative event for November, it's still in its early days but more info to come soon! We discuss some of the ideas Sven has.
With Path to Glory out now, we discuss how the narrative can inform your hobby as well as introduce a Triumph Table slow-gro campaign (which we'll be putting up on our Youtube channel, more on that soon!).

Lastly, and most importantly, we have a new member! Welcome to Josh; Wanderer of the wilds, Master of the Brayherds, Devotee of Khorne, and un-related to dragons! He tells us all he is about in his debut ep and has some pretty keen ideas going ahead, make sure you make him welcome!

Any feedback on our episodes? Want something covered/discussed? Let us know! We'd love to find out what makes you all tick.


Episode 8 - Quantum Match

July 31, 2017

Back again,

Keeping to our new format this ep is comp-chatter. More specifically Sven discusses his next event; Ardfists, which is coming up THIS weekend! It was a pretty awesome event last year and promises to be just as rad this time around.

In the news we talk about our excitement and thoughts on the upcoming General's Handbook 2017, and in Realm Fighter the Saurus Sunblood steps into the arena to take on his next challenger! It promises to be a fight you won't soon forget!

Big shout out to AOS Shorts, a new podcast that has gained a LOT of attention this last month. Their goal is to help you get better, FAST with matched play games of Age of Sigmar. To do that, they're brining out 15-20 minute long episodes designed on a key aspect of the game that could help you at your next event (or friendly game). Succinct and to the point, you'll be engrossed with what they have to say.

Got a big surprise for y'all next ep, so make sure you stay tuned!


Episode 7 - Lore Runner

July 18, 2017

Sorry for the late upload, Brae fed the tech goblin after midnight which he knows full-well you shouldn't do.

As promised, this episode is all about the hobby we all know and love and the fluff that brings it to glorios life for us all!

In the news we discuss our thoughts on what the upcoming starter sets could be, what we might expect of the new Path to Glory book and our thoughts on why Monsters are on the Sigmar front page on the GW store.
Elsewhere we talk about conversions and Brae has something wicked cool in mind for you all, so keep an ear out for that (and an eye too he says).
Lastly Sven discusses some lore to do with the Realmgate wars and is keen to start a "book club" of sorts with you all, beginning with Gate of Azyr. You can read along with us as we'll be going in depth on it in a months time!

We're still looking for another person to fill out our Triumph Table Triumvirate. If you're on our facebook page, you'll know this was announced shortly after our last ep went live. If you'd love to join a couple rad dudes from the Melbourne suburbs give us a holler on our facebook page!


Episode 6 - It’s Realm Fighting Time!

July 3, 2017

We're BACK!!

Sven and Brae have returned with their latest, bodacious episode!

In it they apologise for the hiatus, check out two new heroes for the mortal realms, and discuss more Bloodbowl.
Realm Fighter makes it's return this ep as well to see if the community-voted challenger can take on the current champion the Saurus Sunblood. You won't believe how it goes!

Keep a wary eye on our facebook page as we'll have some announcements for you about the direction of the Triumph Table!