Episode 8 - Quantum Match

July 31, 2017

Back again,

Keeping to our new format this ep is comp-chatter. More specifically Sven discusses his next event; Ardfists, which is coming up THIS weekend! It was a pretty awesome event last year and promises to be just as rad this time around.

In the news we talk about our excitement and thoughts on the upcoming General's Handbook 2017, and in Realm Fighter the Saurus Sunblood steps into the arena to take on his next challenger! It promises to be a fight you won't soon forget!

Big shout out to AOS Shorts, a new podcast that has gained a LOT of attention this last month. Their goal is to help you get better, FAST with matched play games of Age of Sigmar. To do that, they're brining out 15-20 minute long episodes designed on a key aspect of the game that could help you at your next event (or friendly game). Succinct and to the point, you'll be engrossed with what they have to say.

Got a big surprise for y'all next ep, so make sure you stay tuned!


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