Episode 4 - Super T.O. Bros.

May 22, 2017

Got some cool, gnarly, things for you guys this ep!

We talk about the new bloodbowl stuff available AND the new Skirmish game that is now up for pre-order.
*note: Brae misenterpreted the "star players for every team" part of the new Blood Bowl season rules, there is not rules in there for ALL other teams, just 3 and the Star Players*

Brae calls up a fellow podcaster from the Mortally Wounded Podcast and chats with them about their upcoming narrative event - Sydney Slaughter! Brae gets excited over the custom missions that they've made.

Lastly, but most crucially awesome, the guys reveal their final recurring segment - Realm Fighter, where they duke it out in mortal c(k)ombat with two well known Heroes. Who will win? Best wait to the end to find out dudes and dudettes!

What was that event Sven was trying to recall? It's a Sigmar tournament going down in Bendigo (vic, Australia) at Measured Gaming on August 26th. There's no event page for it, but they do have their player pack up. If you're in Vic (or anywhere else for that matter) why not go check it out?

Sydney Slaughter


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